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Custom Cabinets made in Schaefferstown, PA

Since 1993, timeless design and functionality are the hallmarks of Plain & Fancy Design Center.  As our name suggests, we offer everything from simple clean lines to cabinets with intricately carved details.  Backed by decades of experience, our designers are able to make your dreams a reality.


Family First


Family owned and operated, Plain & Fancy Design Center takes pride in providing a product and service of impeccable quality.  The cornerstone of which is customer service. We are with you throughout the entire process. From idea to installation, our team will pay close attention to every detail to ensure that your wants and needs are addressed.

More than half of our clientele are second or third time customers, and many others are direct referrals. We treat each customer like they are our only customer. Our combination showroom and design center is located at the factory. We encourage plant tours and want you to be a part of the full process of your remodel or build.

Feel confident in your vision

We use state of the art technology to generate full color perspectives to help you envision the kitchen of your dreams and to feel confident in your decisions. 

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Designed for You


Custom cabinets allow you to work with the layout and design of the kitchen or other room to create the best aesthetics and storage solutions. Ceiling height, door and window placement, and wall depth can all create problems when you begin to research stock solutions. At Plain & Fancy Design Center, these home nuances do not cause an issue. We are building your cabinetry specifically for your home and are able to integrate the unique features of your home into a cohesive design.


The Process


A simple phone call or email to our office will start you on your way to realizing your vision.  Next we recommend a trip to our showroom so you can see the outstanding quality of our cabinetry and the many options available.  We can then meet with you in your home to take measurements or you can provide measurements and we will go over a detailed questionnaire itemizing all your wants and needs.  This can also be done online.  We will then work up a detailed floorplan and perspectives to present to you along with a cost estimate to help you visualize and settle on a final design.  Once your are completely satisfied with the design, the manufacturing process will begin.  We can also provide both shipping and expert installation making the process smooth and stress free.

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